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" The Ultimate Service Group. "
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ZDF Fernsehgarten:
Berlin New Years Eve:

Say Captain Say Wot 2015 (Official Video HD):
Say Captain Say Wot 2015 (Valdemossa Remix):
Give it up 2013:
People like to Party 2010:
Turkish Bazar 2008:

Captain Jack 1995:
Drill Instructor 1996:
Soldier Soldier 1996:
Little Boy 1996:
Get up 1999:
Dream a Dream1999:
Iko Iko 2001:
Centerfold 2002:

Discography (Single)
“Captain Jack“ (1995) EMI
“Drill Instructor“ (1996) EMI
“Soldier Soldier“ (1996) EMI
“Another One bites the dust” (1996) EMI
“Little Boy” (1996) EMI
“Together & Forever” (1997) EMI
“Holiday“ (1997) EMI
“Get up!” (ft. Gypsi Kings) (1999) BMG
“Dream a Dream” (1999) BMG
“Only You“ (2000) BMG
“Hiho“ (2000) EMI TOSHIBA
“Iko Iko“ (2001) ZOMBA
“Say Captain Say Wot“ (2001) ZOMBA
“Don’t haha“ (ft. DJ Ötzi) (2001) EMI
“Centerfold” (2002) EDEL
“Give it up“ (2002) EDEL
“Volare“ (2003) DA
“Viva La Vida“ (2003) DA
“Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein“ (2004) ZYX
“Miss Ibiza“ (2004) DA
“Samba Brazil“ (2004) DA
“Capitano“ (2005) THOMANN
“Turkish Bazar“ (2008) EDEL
“Push it up“ (2008) EDEL
“People like to Party“ (2010) AMBER / H’ART
“Deutschland schiess ein Tor“ (2010) AMBER / H’ART
“Born In The USA“ (2011) KONTOR
“We will rock you“ (2012) KONTOR
“I was a fool“ (2012) KONTOR
“Give it up“ (2013) KONTOR
„Say Captain Say Wot“ (2015) KONTOR

90s, Eurodance, Pop, Party

Captain Jack, one of the most wellknown pop and danceacts worldwide was created in the 90’s by the german music producer Udo Niebergall. It is the unique mix between party music and the “millitarydance-sound” that brings everyone on the dancefloor. The uniform and the red hat are the trademarks of CAPTAIN JACK. With 19 gold and platinum awards, worldhits like “Captain Jack”, “Soldier, Soldier” and “Drill Instructor” as well as over 40 million sold records (single, album, downloads) is Captain Jack one of the most successful acts of its kind.

Bruce Lacy & Michelle Stanley are the explosive cast of Captain Jack. They conquer the international charts, festivals and clubs with their new album and tour 90’s MEGA PARTY. Wherever they perform - Captain Jack fascinates everybody. It is a guarantee for a great party with a special vibe.  


Showprogram: In a 45 minute live performance, Captain Jack shows its success-proven music repertoire. Beginning the show with the ultimate top-hits that were successful worldwide, the journey takes you way back into the 90’s. This music genre fascinates young and old again and again!

Video "Captain Jack" 1995:
Video Berlin Brandenburger Tor:
Video „Say Captain Say Wot“ 2015:


Discography (Album)
“The Mission“ (1996) EMI
“Operation Dance“ (1997) EMI
“The Captain`s Revenge“ (1999) BMG
“Top Secret” (2001) ZOMBA
“Party Warriors” (2003) EDEL
“Café Cubar” (2003) DA RECORDS
“Music InstruCtor” (2004) DA RECORDS
“Greatest Hits” (2005) ZYX
“Captain Jack is back“ (2008) EDEL
“Meine Besten“ (2010) DA RECORDS
“Back to the Dancefloor“ (2011) AMBER / H’ART
“Best of Acoustic“ (2013) ZYX / KONTOR
“90’s MegaParty“ (2013) ZYX / KONTOR
„20 Years“ (2015) ZYX / KONTOR
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