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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for the Christmas Show
"Iris Gutjahr"
The Chubb Show - Christmas Show 2014

20 Unite Against Bullying - Remember
19 Vita Chambers - A+D (Radio Edit)
18 My Son The Bum - Flight Deck for Christmas
17 The Jackie Boyz -  Do Not Disturb
16 Brandon Chase - One
15 Denise Foglein - Guardian Angel
14 Blackmore’s Night - Christmas Eve
13 Peter Groch - Undisterbed
12 Nita Chawla - Bite The Bullet
11 Iris Gutjahr - Lass die Seele baumeln
10 Don Arbor & Barbara Higbie - County D
9 Maini Sorri - Awoken Heartbroken
8 Viragom7 - Ode an das Christind
7 Steve Blane - Gonna Light The Lights Tonight
6 Alex B - Still In Love
5 Reckless Mercy - Ain’t no Grave
4 Huntley & Foht - Hey Little Shooting Star
3 The Regulars Band - Easy
2 Alex Young - Christmas Kiss
1 Ryan Hemswortk - Snow in Newark

Who is iris Gutjahr?

Iris Gutjahr is a Singer, Songwirter and Composer from Germany.

What type of Music does Iris Compose?

Iris is a very diverse composer. She composes Pop songs, country, folk, dance, and etc...

How does Iris get her ideas?

Her ideas, songs, and compositions come from her life experiences, and observations.

Does she compose, sing, and write only in German?

No, Iris composes, sings, and writes in English, as well as German.

Is it possible to collaborate with Iris?



Iris is planning a new release on the 1st of April 2015. It's going to be a little something different. So stay tuned, and check back regulary for updates, and new infos.

Where can the releaseses, and updates be found?

Chubb Records - www.chubbrecords.com

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