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" The Ultimate Service Group. "
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Welcome to "The Chubb Group"

What is The Chubb Group?
The Chubb Group is a group of individual companies that specialize in different areas. Due to their close interlocking one with another other, clients are able to receive a multitude of services from a single source.
International Record Label,Records Company,Music Platform
Television Show,Show like MTV,Show like BET,Show Like VEVO
Record Labels & Distribution
Television Shows
dancing girls,show entertainment,live performance
Talent Agency,Booking Agency,Booking Argentur
Talent & Booking Agency
Shows & Entertainment
Publisher,Music Publishing,Book Publishing,Novel Publishing
Modelling Agency
Keep up with the latest new.
Modelling Agency
Multimedia, News, Etc.
Publishing Company
Charity,Non Profit,Sponships
Non Profit, Charity & Etc.
Production Company
Event Hosting & Productions
Street Team,Promotions,Advertisent
Street Teams
International Promotions & Events
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