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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 11
"Young Sixx"
Scratch - The Reset
The Chubb Show - Show 11

20 Young Sixx - The way I love you
19 Alex Kelly - Magnet
18 Respect - Bun dem
17 Josh Hawkins - 8 Seconds to win it
16 Phor - Don’t know no better
15 Alex B - Still in love
14 Yenn - Foreigner
13 Elektrokids featuring Nya - Drop the beat
12 Vita Chambers - A + D Orchestrial Version
11 Ryan Hemmsworth - Snow in Newark
10 Skooda featuring Twista - Feelin Me
9 Brandon Chase - One
8 Charlie Remitz - These Veins
7 The Jackie Boys - Do Not Disturb
6 Fat Joe featuring JLO - Stressin
5 Unity - Lonely on the G
4 Nita Chawla - Bite the Bullet
3 Rico Love with Future - He Got Money
2 Kathlyn Dean - I’ll Show you crazy
1 Young Six - Recipe for Regret

About Young Sixx:
Few artists are truly global but then again few artists are like YOUNG SIXX. Hailing from Cali, Young Sixx has expanded and made a name and a home in Europe. Some of his musical influences are 2 Pac, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. Young Sixx brilliantly mixes a wide range of sounds and lyrics into his music. He has done just about everything an artist can do musically.
Sixx ‘s versatility is an asset but it is his grind that separates him from the pack. Young Sixx says - “My grind every artist has one but I set off to a country that don’t speak my language/ and I don't speak theirs and I make it happen my determination and humbleness and just love for the art is so obvious to anyone who has worked with me…and unlike many artist I can cover any topic/genre and sound so comfortable... and never come off like a gimmick or a factory made artist.” 
With a military background Sixx was well traveled at an early age which influenced him personally and now musically. His musical journey started in Europe. Sixx - “I started from a freestyle battle in a club overseas in Germany... I use to write lyrics in high school but my first musical experience was from working with a independent label overseas who took me in as an artist, and being around them I started to develop my craft and the passion was uncovered.” And with that Sixx immediately got on his grind and started recording, networking, and performing. Sixx has dropped numerous mixtapes, singles, and videos and has performed in Germany, Malaysia, Slovakia, and Dubai and has performed with numerous artists.

He has a very particular career highlight thus far. Sixx - “my performance in Africa was the best... very informative and educational to see the culture and not to stereotype and be blinded by the media.. and the love they gave me was like no other… just inspirational.” 

Sixx is still on his grind and constantly in the studio turning out new material. He continually travels the globe. He enjoys performing for his fans.

He has started his own record label. I.A.R. Entertainment, and a new movement “Eurolife”.

Everyday Sixx breaks cultural barriers through his music truly making him a rare breed of artist and something he revels in. Sixx - “I love how music is the universal language and a passport to the world... because of music I've traveled the world... with music you can communicate to anyone.” 

Young Sixx has big goals for his life and his career. Sixx - “I want to be a music mogul like 50/Jay-Z /Diddy and make someone’s top 5 list of all times.” But he remains grounded and knows why he hustles so hard. “My goals in life is to be successful but before anything a good father and present my son with opportunities I never knew existed.” YOUNG SIXX is clearly on his way to being the next global hip-hop star. 

Young Sixx -  “My style is like water/musical and fashion wise... I can get into anything...music wise from the surface you never know how deep the water is.” 

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